The inner and external envirnonment of companies have undergone substantial changes in the past decades. The amount of knowledge employees has to learn has increased, as well. This process resulted in a growing demand for company trainings. There is a need for cost effective online training which provides the opportunity to manage the whole process through one application and to easily create training materials, evaluations and reports.

The center of our developments is the student. We strive for developing teamwork with our partners resulting in unique and enjoyable training program.

With the help of the cloud based company traing software:

·  the administration of training decreases significantly
·  the consolidation of training data and processes can be realized
·  the skill and competency management can be easily handled
·  training expenses can be significantly decreased
·  legal requirements are met
·  our partners can easily put together online courses
·  the effectiveness of our colleagues increases
·  learning can be done from home or from mobile devices
·  the number of employees trained paralell does not have to be maximized
·  progress can be neasured through the test questions at the ned of the course materials
·  trainings can be executed in multiple languages
·  certificate can be issued to the participants

We help you improve effectiveness. The company training software induces permanent and positive changes in a company’s life.

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